Figure Skating Moves In The Field – Inside Slide Chasse (Amy Brolsma)

Amy Brolsma shares some tips for teaching and properly executing an inside slide chasse or slip.  This element shows up as a major part of the US Figure Skating Intermediate Moves In The Field Test.  Although this element is not difficult, many skaters do not do it correctly.  The most common error is many skaters will do a standard push off the opposite foot and they put the free foot in front.   The power and the “push” of this element comes from the edge, much like a power pull.

When introducing this Amy starts with a simple exercise she calls “Russian dancing.”  After the skater develops the proper motion and feeling, she begins to move it on gentle inside edges with little or no power generation, focusing on “resetting” before each new inside edge.  Next she adds a little rise and fall or knee rhythm which begins to automatically create some power from the edges.  Amy explains the need for body lean into the circle.  She recommends keeping the shoulders still while doing slide chasses.   Many coaches teach a fairly strong shoulder twist which is not wrong, but Amy prefers still and neutral shoulders for learning as it simplifies the movement and forces a skater to focus on power generation of the edge.  Near the end of the video, Amy discusses common errors and solutions.

This is probably the most in-depth treatment of this overlooked element you’ll find anywhere.


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