Figure Skating Jumps – Waltz Jump and Single Salchow (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh continues her lesson with two young skaters.  The first part of the lesson focused on a series of warm-up drills prior to jump training.  In this video, Michelle has the skaters do waltz jumps and single salchows.  For this lesson, Michelle uses the hockey lines to help set a consistent pattern and provide a way for the skaters to efficiently perform many repetitions.

On the waltz jump, notice the focus on correct head position.  Obviously the skaters should look forward on a waltz jump, but Michelle stresses that they should continue looking in that direction as long as possible.  In many of the Michelle’s previous jump videos, she had the skaters look at their reflection in the plexiglass.  Here she has them do the same thing or she stands where the skaters should look and has them look at her throughout the jump take-off.

On waltz jump, Michelle takes a moment to mention the desired step position with the free leg bent behind in what she refers to as the “check mark position.” Her demonstration and comment at 1:24 is very important.  She wants the free leg bent strongly with the upper part of the leg in line with the upright body.  Many coaches teach skaters to stretch the free leg back as far as possible but this is not what happens on most successful double and triple axels.  The upper leg should not be pulled back but should make line with the upper body.  Michelle also mentions that she wants the free leg bent after it comes in front as well.  She does not teach straight leg waltz jump as she is preparing the skaters as soon as possible for axel take-off.

Next Michelle demonstrates a salchow pattern using the hockey lines, for both a forward outside three turn entry and a mohawk entry.  Watch Michelle’s “take-off” at 2:56 to see the head position and movement she wants for salchow.  She helps the skaters get this by standing in a different spot than waltz jump and having the skaters look at her for as long as possible while they jump.


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