Competition Preparation – Part 3 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues her series of videos on the topic of competition preparation. In the first video of the series, Audrey addressed the competition planning process. In the second video, she focused on determining “the purpose of the event.” In this video, Audrey discusses many different aspects of motivation and preparation.

Audrey begins this video by explaining her “reward system” for clean program run-throughs during training prior to competition. She finds ways to provide public recognition for clean run-throughs as well as new elements, such as jumps. The old horn toot is classic, and ringing the one-of-a-kind cow bell is a thrill and another public pronouncement of success (celebrate the moment of success). For new elements Audrey also mentions “the suitcase” and “hundred dollar Fridays.”

Audrey says, “This is the trophy generation” where athletes are often recognized simply for participation, rather than success or accomplishment. She says, “I’m not talking about that kind of recognition. I don’t think that that breeds hard work or a true sense of accomplishment. In the end, kids know better. I think real accomplishment is when you’ve done something and you feel amazing about it.”

As in the earlier videos in the series, Audrey simulates various scenarios at competition. Skaters and parents often place too much emphasis on “the draw” which is the skate order. Audrey says, “The best draw is the one you drew.” Skaters should relentlessly practice various skating orders as they prepare using simulated competitions.

Audrey teaches to avoid last minute changes. Keep the plan for the competition, and if it needs to change, wait until after the competition when you’re back at home and have time to implement the changes before another competition.

To end the video, Audrey talks about her expression “get inspired and be an inspiration to others.” Get inspired by watching great skating or your own great performances. And be an ambassador for the sport by recognizing that you may be looked up to by others.


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