Coaching Psychology – Getting Skaters to Commit to Change (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade shares some coaching tips that can really help skaters who continue to make the same mistakes or are unwilling for whatever reason to “take a chance” on creating new physical movement patterns. This information is shared in the context of a double axel lesson at a seminar, and Kori had not worked with this skater before. At the time this video was shot, this skater claimed to have been working on double axel for a year. But Kori immediately recognizes that any skater working for more than a year on a skill such as double axel should have made more progress, at least in terms of certain details like jump air position.

So Kori treats this lesson as an opportunity to challenge this skater to make conscious and consistent change. As you’ll see in the video, Kori uses a number of motivational methods that help the skater focus on making change. But one of the biggest take-aways from this video is if skaters cannot make any change from one attempt to the next, it is counterproductive to continue to practice the element, even in a lesson. The overall technique that Kori uses with the cones in this video sets an upper limit on the number of attempts the skater can make without making the desired changes. Kori is using the skater’s own desire to continue to work on the skill as the primary motivating factor for change. And the cones also provide a focus technique, as well as a way for the skater to take responsibility for the desired changes.

There’s a lot of psychology in this video. Coaches can use these ideas and modify them to suit nearly any situation requiring the skater to make a change. Sometimes video feedback in the lesson is also necessary to help the skater accept that changes are not being made.


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