Broken Leg Sit Spin, Plus Spin Drawings (Sheila Thelen)

In this video, figure skating coach Sheila Thelen is giving a skater a lesson on the broken leg sit spin (sit side).  Sheila explains one method of using the arms on this spin to make the spin more compact to increase rotational speed.  She also has the skater turn the head sideways.  She makes the point that skaters what want to spin faster will find a way to spin faster, with stronger entrance edges and better spin positions.  It’s mostly just commitment.

In the second part of this lesson, Sheila talks about balance on the blade and how to think about where the weight should be on the skating foot.  She draws some helpful diagrams and offers some great ways to think about spinning for most skaters.  From Sheila’s presentation, one might be encouraged to think that a backspin happens on a back outside edge and a forward spin happens on a back inside edge.  The truth is all spins really spin on a flat, which for free skating blades means both edges.  The key to understand, however, is that many skaters feel the balance point just inside their baby toe on a backspin and just inside the big toe on a forward spin.


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