Champion Achievement Charms

Champion Achievement Charms are a great way to acknowledge any skater’s accomplishments in the sport. Whether a skater has just learned a loop jump or a triple salchow, these charms provide the recognition that skaters want and need.

An Achievement Bracelet is a great way for skaters to “wear” their skating accomplishments. Naturally these charms can also be worn on other jewelry or sewed onto clothing or other skating gear. Each of these charms represents a skill or achievement that every skater is proud of.

Flat rate shipping (one shipping price for entire charm order) for these charms is:
$6.00 USA
$15.00 Canada
$25.00 Other International

With the purchase of at least one charm, the basic loop bracelet is free of charge. But please remember to put it in the cart if you want one.

NOTE: While shopping, you can visit your CART anytime by visiting the main shopping page and clicking on the CART button there.

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