Backspin Haircutter (Sheila Thelen)

Spin specialist Sheila Thelen continues a layback lesson with a skater. In the first part of the lesson, Sheila worked on improving this skater’s standard haircutter (forward spin). In this video, Sheila helps the skater learn a haircutter from a back spin. She notes that “it’s not that hard, you just have to practice it.” Sheila also makes the point that doing a haircutter on this foot is also good for a skater’s back in the sense that it prevents uneven physical development of the skater.

After the skater attempts one and fails to grab the foot, Sheila explains how to grab the foot every time. By using the grab hand and moving it along the calf to the boot, a skater can always get the grab. After another attempt, Sheila videos one and we get to see it projected “on the wall” so we get to see the video as Sheila makes comments. In slow motion it’s clear the skater is bending the skating leg excessively and Sheila asks for a correction. After another attempt, Sheila is encouraged by the potential of this skill with this skater.


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