Axel Head Control – Part 3 (Robert Tebby)

World and Olympic coach Robert Tebby continues his presentation to a class on waltz jump and axel.  In the first part he focused primarily on the setup and the landing.  In second part, he shared a walk-through for the axel with some important tips.  In the third part he added more detail to the walk-through.  In this video, he focuses on proper head position and usage in the axel jump.

First he explains why the head is so important.  Then he discusses why the head often ends up in the wrong position.  He notes that European skaters often have better head control on axels because they often don’t skate on busy sessions.  He suggests a specific fix for the problem which may or may not be appropriate for busy sessions, but skaters and coaches should try it as a method to address head turning issues.


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