Another Approach to Jump Air Position Training (Chris Conte)

International coach Chris Conte works with a young male skater on exercises meant to improve jump air position and rotational control for improved landings. This video is a continuation of a double salchow lesson. To start, Chris teaches a version of a “snap drill” at the boards intended to help the skater with the initial turnover of the double salchow from the previous video. The idea is to get the skater strongly over the axis side after the take-off. Unfortunately, the important part of the drill is hidden by the boards, but Chris explains what is happening and we get to see a more advanced drill a few moments later, away from the boards on the blue line.

Chris next demonstrates another snap drill, this time a “snap drill to T-stop.” The skater enters the snap drill gliding forward on the axis foot, turns (snaps) to backwards via a quick three turn, while keeping the free foot turned strongly inward and using it to perform a backward T-stop. The skater struggles with the stop, particularly with core control, so Chris resorts to his “mac and bacon” tape (bacon on axis side) to emphasize the desired movements, alignment, and positions. Chris also alludes to the blue line as the “toaster” (an American toaster where the toast pops straight up). The toaster concept is a way of visualizing direction of the jump, as the skater should not jump into the heating coils on either side of the toast slot (blue line). Notice the focus on trying to keep the shoulders down the blue line during the snap and T-stop. As Chris notes, core strength is typically not the problem, but core control is (neuro-muscular control).


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