Adult Figure Skating – Adult Leg Syndrome – Part 2 (Nick Perna)

World coach and adult figure skating advocate Nick Perna continues his discussion on correcting a common jump issue for adults that figure skate.  He calls the problem “adult leg syndrome.”  In Part 1, he discussed the problem and offered a wide range of solutions.  In this video, Nick focuses on the concept of rotation on the axis side (rather than the free side).

In the first drill, Nick has the skater “walk their blade using internal rotation.”  He uses a repeating heel-to-toe-to-heel rotating exercise to develop internal rotation of the landing leg.  The drill is best done on a line.  Notice in the video that Nick keeps his upper body twisted toward and aligned over his axis side.

Nick also recommends having adult skaters practice landing their jumps backward on two feet with the free foot forward and off to the side or with the feet actually crossed (alignment landing discussed by Audrey Weisiger).  Nick shows common errors for these two foot landings.  He shows how to use these alignment landings with a loop jump walk-through.  He also shows what he means by correct alignment for the drill.


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