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Figure Skating Jump Development Exercises – The Snizzle (Chris Conte)

Chris Conte begins a multi-part series on jump development exercises.  As Chris explains, the series focuses on a series of warm-up exercises with important drills embedded in them.  The purpose of each drill is to improve the skills… Continue reading

Figure Skating Jump Drill – The Cheat Exercise (Page Lipe)

Coach Page Lipe shares an important figure skating tip for jumps.  Page calls this the “Cheat Exercise” and notes that it’s very helpful for skaters who are afraid to rotate multi-rotation jumps.  It can be especially helpful as… Continue reading

More Choctaw Drills and Exercises – Part 2 (Karen Olson)

This is the second video about choctaws with Karen Olson.  In the first choctaw video Karen shared some drills including a powerful back outside pivot drill.  In this video Karen provides additional exercises for skaters learning choctaws… Continue reading

More Choctaw Drills and Exercises – Part 1 (Karen Olson)

This figure skating video is the first of two on teaching choctaws.  Karen Olson shares a number of helpful exercises for teaching choctaws required for the USFS Junior Moves in the Field test.  Compare this presentation to that… Continue reading

Drills for Building a Double Loop (Audrey Weisiger)

In this figure skating video, Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger shares a number of drills to help improve the loop jump with the goal of developing a double loop.  The first drill she explains is designed to improve the backward… Continue reading

Improvements to USFS Moves in the Field (Sheila Thelen)

Figure skating coach Sheila Thelen shares three recommendations for improving the US Figure Skating Moves in the Field.  This video is intended to spark a discussion on these topics so please leave comments below.  Coaches and skaters… Continue reading

Figure Skating Jumps: On-Ice Air Turns – Part 3 (Nick Perna)

This video is the third and final part in a series with Nick Perna teaching an on-ice air turn class. In the previous two videos in the series Nick showed several very helpful jumping exercises for skaters (see Part 1… Continue reading

Mental and Emotional Training for Figure Skating (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade shares one of the secrets of her skaters’ success.  Most coaches focus strictly on skating technique and physical development with some emphasis on musicality or artistic movement.  But very few coaches address the emotional… Continue reading

Figure Skating Jumps: On-Ice Air Turns – Part 2 (Nick Perna)

The figure skating video below is the second in a series of videos covering on-ice air turns with Nick Perna.  In part 1 Nick taught several air turn drills down a line to help skaters move jumps across the… Continue reading

Figure Skating Jumps: On-Ice Air Turns – Part 1 (Nick Perna)

In the figure skating video below, Nick Perna teaches a class about “on-ice air turns.”  This is the first of a three part series. (Recommended: See Nick’s presentation of off-ice air turns.  This was part of a… Continue reading

How to Ice Skate Tots Class – Hopping (Kayla Johnson)

Figure skating coach and tots expert Kayla Johnson demonstrates and gives tips on leading two fun activities designed to help teach kids how to hop on two feet on the ice. Hopping is an important skill for beginning skaters to… Continue reading

Jump Principles – Speed and Pre-Rotation (Frank Carroll)

Olympic Coach Frank Carroll talks about the realities of jumps in figure skating, and how this knowledge pertains to coaching methods of double and triple jumps.

Frank starts by discussing the difference between speed over, or on the ice and… Continue reading

Power Choctaws – The Choctaw Part 5 (Amy Brolsma)

In this video, Amy Brolsma discusses several ways to help a skater add speed and flow to choctaws.  Generating power within the choctaw itself often referred to as a power choctaw but all good choctaws have this power and… Continue reading

Edge Drill for Loop Jump (Audrey Weisiger)

In this figure skating video, Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger discusses and demonstrates an edge drill to improve the loop jump take-off.  The drill starts by gliding backward on a flat in loop jump preparation position and deepening the… Continue reading

Setup Pattern for Axel Jump Development (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh shares a simple but valuable  setup pattern for single and double axel development.  Michelle utilizes the hockey circles on the end of the rink to help the skater keep a consistent entrance pattern to… Continue reading

Figure Skating Off-Ice Training – Agility Ladder (Kristina Anderson)

In this video, NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Kristina Anderson shares some agility ladder drills for off-ice training.  General athleticism, good coordination, and quickness are important for anyone aspiring to be a better figure skater.  Kristina demonstrates… Continue reading

Flip Jump – Correct Inside Take-off Edge (Page Lipe)

In the figure skating video below, national and international coach Page Lipe shows exercises to help skaters use the correct edge when entering a flip jump. Although the lutz jump is typically more of a problem for skaters in terms… Continue reading

Figure Skating Stroking and Edge Drills – Part 2 (Pasquale Camerlengo)

In the video below, World and Olympic figure skating coach and choreographer Pasquale Camerlengo continues his class on edge and stroking drills.  (Please see the first part of these stroking drills.)  At the beginning of Part 2,… Continue reading

Figure Skating Stroking and Edge Drills – Russian Stroking (Pasquale Camerlengo)

In this figure skating video, World and Olympic coach and choreographer Pasquale Camerlengo teaches an outstanding class for improving skating skills, stroking technique and edge quality.  Pasquale starts with a short discussion of “Russian stroking” or “Russian steps” which… Continue reading

Figure Skating Off-ice Training: Off ice jump class – Part 6 (Kori Ade)

This off-ice training video is the final part of a multi-part off-ice jump class by Kori Ade.   In Part 1, Kori had the class do heel clicks and air turn variations. In Part 2,… Continue reading

Loop Jump Drill – Ace of Spades Drill (Nick Perna)

In the video below, figure skating coach Nick Perna demonstrates and explains a drill to improve the backward outside edge essential for proper loop jump technique.  He calls the drill the Ace of Spades drill as he draws a… Continue reading

Speaking Out Loud to Learn Figure Skating (Sheila Thelen)

In the video below, Sheila Thelen shares an important figure skating tip to improve learning that is largely overlooked in the sport.  Sheila discusses a technique she uses with skaters to keep their mind actively engaged in what they… Continue reading

Figure Skating Footwork – The Choctaw Part 4 (Amy Brolsma)

In this figure skating video, Amy Brolsma continues her explanation of choctaws.  In Part 1, she introduced an exercise at the wall and then showed how she works with a skater to develop the step away from… Continue reading

How to Ice Skate Tots Class – The Cookie Game (Kayla Johnson)

Tots expert Kayla Johnson explains yet another great game for engaging a tots class and teaching some important basic skills.  The cookie game is a combination of games and skills already covered in Kayla’s videos.  The basic idea… Continue reading

Double Axel Insights (Frank Carroll)

Olympic Coach Frank Carroll talks about the double axel.  The double axel is the key jump separating the rest of the doubles and the triple jumps.  It is a major hurdle for most skaters, and especially for young… Continue reading

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