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From:  Trevor Laak, Founder

Date: Wednesday, 11:59am


If you’re reading this message, you’re probably an adult skater.

And you’re wondering if a subscription to is right for you.

Rather than try to convince you that you should join us…


Ask yourself why you’re here.

It’s probably because you suspect there’s something missing.

What, you ask?

First of all, let’s agree that you like and trust your skating coach.  The overwhelming majority of adult skaters have a great relationship with their coach.  And you should.

(If you don’t, we recommend making that your top priority.  We simply don’t believe anyone should be figure skating without the regular support of a professional figure skating coach who they like and trust.)

But if we’re honest, adult skaters are a special breed of skater.  Unlike youth skaters, you have a different view of coaching.  You’re open to hearing a number of perspectives on things and you figure…


The more information, the better.

Adult skaters tend to take more personal responsibility for their skating than younger skaters.  This means you’re actively interested in the “why” behind everything you do on the ice.

You want to understand what you’re coach is trying to get you to do, and you want to understand how to do it better.  Having alternate explanations helps you develop a deeper understanding, allowing you to make the fastest progress with the least chance of injury.

If younger skaters had just an ounce of your curiosity or thirst for knowledge along with their young bodies, they would make astonishing progress.

But they don’t.

It seems that primarily adult skaters and coaches are interested in the details of figure skating.

And you know as well as I do that your coach only knows so much, or can only describe it to you so many ways. offers additional information and alternate explanations.

Did you know that adult skaters are the fastest growing segment of subscribers at

When we look at the reasons, this is not surprising.

You want to know more.  You want to understand.  You wonder if you can’t do some skills simply because you don’t fully understand them.

If you feel this way… may be a perfect fit for you.

As a member, you’ll receive about 2 new videos each week.  Each video is 3-7 minutes in length so you don’t become overwhelmed by information and you don’t have to make a huge time commitment every time a new video is posted.

Each video gets right to the point, with all the “fluff” edited out.  You’ll be able to clearly see and hear what’s being presented.  And you can be assured that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Speaking of the information…


You probably don’t take lessons from an Olympic coach.

Or even a specialist coach.  Can you imagine the level of knowledge that some of these experts gather over the years of teaching a specific skill over and over for 30+ hours a week?

Does your coach have this kind of knowledge?

You may feel that at your level of skating, you don’t have anything to learn from an Olympic coach.


Nothing could be further from the truth!

Outstanding coaches who work with high level skaters often have a clearer perspective about proper technique.  Why?  Because at the elite level, EVERYTHING needs to be optimized.

By optimizing jumping technique to help their skaters learn triple or quad jumps, these coaches tend to find better and more efficient ways to do the jumps and the to teach them.  The same goes for spins.  And moves…and everything else about skating.

The cool thing is that these coaches often focus on fundamentals which apply at every level of skating.  For example, did you know:

1. The free leg comes through straight or nearly straight on a toe loop, or

2. A loop jump only rotates in the air between a quarter and a half a turn, or

3. A skater can easily work on getting down further in their sit spin position using back shoot-the-ducks, or

4. Skaters that can’t do strong back power pulls will struggle with the lutz jump (flutzing), or

5. An axel jump doesn’t actually take off “forward”


The list is nearly endless.  Each video contains multiple tips and tricks and key concepts.  In total, the information at represents thousands of ideas that could help your skating.

Chances are you’ve never had access to this level of detailed information before.

But now you do.


Is right for you?

Only you can answer that question.

The fact that you’re reading this implies that you’re interested in the information we have to offer.  But without seeing it, you can’t know one way or the other for sure.

To help eliminate this obstacle, we offer a full 28-day trial period.  Within that period, you may cancel your subscription and request a refund for any reason, or no reason whatsoever.

We are coaches and skaters ourselves, so we have nothing to gain by cheating you in any way.  If the information here is not valuable enough for you to continue your membership, just let us know.  We understand.

Above all, we just don’t want you to hesitate to join our growing community of adult skaters because you’re “not sure.”  We want you to be sure!

So try us out risk-free today.

Oh, and here’s another reason to join now…


You can still access the entire video Archive with your membership!

This has been one of the most controversial aspects of

Many within figure skating feel we shouldn’t provide Archive access to our monthly subscribers.  They feel we should charge much more for all of this amazing skating information.  They suggest using a monthly fee for ongoing videos and a much higher annual fee for access to the archives.

Honestly, we’re considering these proposals and may make a change at any time.

So I urge you to take action now and join today.  With our 28-day money-back trial period and full access to every single video on the website with just a monthly subscription, you’ll never have a better opportunity to try us out.


The only way to find out for sure if is for you is to sign up today.  We hope we can help your skating.

I look forward to seeing you inside the member area.



Trevor Laak Founder


P.S. Don’t delay.  By joining today you’ll still have access to the ENTIRE video Archive.  If you wait, your access to the Archive may be much more expensive.

P.P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose by joining today.  You’ll gain immediate access to hundreds and hundreds of videos to help your skating.  And you’ll have 28 days to decide if is right for you.  If it’s not, no hard feelings at all.  Just send us a note and we’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund.