What exactly do visitors who sign up for the free videos have access to? Where is the free information?

Our free member emails provide links to pages that free members have access to.  These “free” pages are available to anyone who visits iCoachSkating.com, but no links are provided on the website detailing their location as they are always changing.  Thus, you can learn about this links only by being on our free video email list, or know someone else on the the list who shares the links with you.

There is no need to log in to see these free videos.  They are not restricted in any way, and all website visitors can see them.  The problem is finding them as there are over 600 videos on the site.  We send out emails to our free video email list any time a new free video becomes available.

When you register for the free videos at iCoachSkating.com, you are automatically added to our free video email list, contingent upon you verifying your email address. If you do not verify your email, you are removed from that list.

To make sure that you’re on the free member email list, look around on the site and find one of the free information sign-up boxes.  Sign up there.  If you’re already signed up for this information, you’ll get a message saying so (no harm done as you can’t be added twice).  After you sign up, be sure to verify or confirm your email in the first message we send to you. The subject line will start with “RESPONSE REQUIRED”.

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