I’d like to use a different credit card to pay for my iCoachSkating.com subscription. How do I change it?

This is a multi-step process and takes place entirely within your PayPal account:
1. Please log in to your PayPal account. You will go to a “My Account Overview” page.
2. Run your cursor over the “Profile” menu item at the top of the page and select “Add or edit credit card” from the drop down menu.
3. Add your new credit card as a payment option within your general PayPal account, but DO NOT remove your old current credit card until you have finished the following steps (if you do, your subscription to iCoachSkating.com will be terminated immediately).
4. Next, go back to your PayPal Profile page, and select My Money
5. Next select “My preapproved payments”
6. Find your subscription to iCoachSkating.com (it may be under Axel Concepts LLC or The TAL Group LLC)
7. Click on “Details”
8. Change your payment method and save

Please contact iCoachSkating.com support using our CONTACT US page for more information or assistance.

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