I need to update my credit/debit card number. Where can I manage my account?

All of our payment processing is handled by PayPal so you’ll need to manage your subscription through them.  Please follow the instructions below carefully:

1. Go to PayPal and log in to your account
2. Add the new payment option (credit/debit card)
3. Find your iCoachSkating.com subscription under Profile –> My Money –> My Preapproved Payments
4. Open your subscription and change the method of payment to your new payment source
5. Save your subscription

When changing payment options, make sure you add your new credit/debit card to your account before removing/canceling your old one. If you remove the existing payment option, PayPal will automatically cancel your subscription.

Please contact iCoachSkating.com support using the contact form on the CONTACT US page if you have problems.

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