How much does cost?

A monthly subscription to is $29.97 re-billed automatically each month.

Annual subscriptions are also available to existing subscribers who know they want to maintain their subscription over a longer period of time.  The annual subscription is $267, re-billed automatically every 12 months.  This represents a 25% savings over the monthly rate, or 3 free months each year. Subscribers who are interested in this option should contact us using the form on the CONTACT page.

2-Month gift subscriptions are also available at $59.94. These are a one-time payment and is not re-billed automatically. Some subscribers purchase the gift subscription for themselves. Note that the 2-month gift subscription is exactly the same cost as two months of our regular monthly subscription.

The cost of a subscription is based on a number of factors, including video storage and bandwidth costs, costs to acquire and produce the content, website maintenance costs, and the estimated number of members. Our goal is to keep the cost within the reach of virtually every single coach, adult skater, and skating family.

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